How Much Does Your Head Weigh?

Do you know your numbers? I am sure you have been asked a dozen times: What is your cholesterol? What is your blood glucose? What is your waist size? But has anyone ever asked you, “How much does your head weigh”? Are you aware that the weight of your head can be calculated and the heaviness of your head increases as your head migrates or moves forward off of your shoulders?

The more you slouch the greater the compression on your mid back or chest cavity. When your lungs are compressed it results in less oxygen for the cells to operate effectively and efficiently. Viruses and bacteria tend to dislike oxygen so you have a greater potential to “catch” a cold!

I recently spoke with a fifty-something patient who was concerned about her posture and oxygen. I discussed the situation with her a bit further to discover she was already experiencing sub par function of her lung vital capacity (ability to move oxygen in and out of the lungs). More importantly to her was the fact that her mother had “shrunk” four to five inches over time and was now suffering with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD for short) which is impaired breathing and, by the way, does not necessarily only occur in smokers.

Have you noticed getting short of breathe when going up and down steps? Are you winded after a small distance uphill? How are you on a walk in the park? There are a few important facts that complicate the breathing/oxygen issue and I want to share a couple of very important tips with you.

I have consulted with many patients who have a passion for grains and consequently suffer with anemia and poor oxygenation. The gluten found in rye, wheat, oats, and barley creates “slime” along the intestinal wall preventing iron absorption – your body needs iron to create blood cells that transport oxygen to cells. I recommend eliminating gluten from your daily diet and supplementing with a product called OOrganik-15™ at three a day as a short-term protocol while your body is restoring blood cell function. OOrganik-15™ will help to “perk up” oxygen transport and has helped patients get off the C-PAC machine, reduce snoring, and reduce fatigue. You may also consider adding Fe-Zyme™ for iron while your blood system is creating blood cells to be restored to optimal levels.

I have treated many patients with this protocol whose typical Western physician suggested an oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator pack. You should also have your spine checked and work on reversing your forward head posture. If you are a local patient, be sure to have a “computerized” posture assessment at your next scheduled exam.

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