How To: Avoid Hunchback Posture

Do you want to look bent over? What about remembering your name when you are 60 or 70? Are you afraid of being alone? Who is going to take care of you anyway? Will you have enough money for all your health needs? The top two fears patients tell me when they come into the office is:

– I do not want to be bent over and unable to move

– I do not want to lose my ability to think (I had a family member share with me, when they knew they were starting to get Alzheimer’s, it created fear).

Here are takeaways to maturing gracefully and maintaining great posture:

– I would purchase a large ball, about 55 cm around. Fill it with air and lay backwards for three to six minutes, which helps your posture from going forward. This is critical because it helps your spinal cord, lungs, and other organs function better.

– How do you take care of your brain? I suggest reducing the amount of foods that create inflammation in your body, like sugar. Sugar depletes the body of minerals and other nutrients for optimal brain health. Sugar stresses your adrenal gland, and when your adrenal gland is not functioning, you will have elevated aluminum. Sugar and trans fat are “brain-drains”!. Focus on avocados, olive and flax oil, and stay away from fried food!

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