Immune from Emotions

I want to share a few thoughts about your immune system and emotions. Anger is an emotion that springs from the depths of the liver: the organ that plays a significant role in one’s immune system. It not only has cells that specialize in seeking and destroying unfriendly “attackers” in the form of viruses and bacteria, it is also the storehouse for the fat soluble vitamins- A, D, E, and K. Vitamin A is found in many whole foods and vegetables, but one stands out more than all the others: Carrots.

Carrots have over two hundred known nutrients that support and create life in our bodies. The vitamin A precursor found in carrots is very critical for an optimal immune system and one of the reasons I suggest carrots in the sequence of Dr. Bob’s ABC’s. Eating carrots is one of the many logical steps you can do during any season. I, personally, eat six to eight small carrots every day. My sinuses, lungs, and skin are clear-and the same goes for my patients. Carrots are your liver’s best friends.

Sugar congests the liver and, when this organ is compromised, you have a greater potential to have more anger. Your goal and focus is a happy, healthy liver. You may consider taking either Dandelion Root/Leaf and/or Milk Thistle to boost your its function. A side note: Fries, chicken nuggets, sweets, medication, alcohol, and soda all have the potential to congest your liver function. A Health Survey will help you determine the state of your liver and gallbladder.

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