Iodine and Lipoperoxidation. Yes, Lipoperoxidation.

I love that I am able to teach you about health! Today, I want to add a word to your health vernacular. The term is lipoperoxidation: a chemical reaction that causes damage to the fats or lipids of the cell membranes and energy-producing units in cells. The damage to the membranes can lead to many serious illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune disorders. Lipoperoxidation has been found to be elevated in breast tumors and animal breast tissue exposed to agents that promote cancer. Not good.

Iodine decreases lipoperoxidation in the body. Think of iodine as the mortar that is in between the bricks on the wall.

Now let me tell you some really shocking news! The bromine in white bread, select sodas, hot tubs, and swimming pools, and the chlorine coming out of your shower, in your drinking water and in your Splenda, soft drinks, and finally the fluorine in your toothpaste and drinking water all are antagonistic to iodine. The antagonism to the iodine does not help your strategy to achieve Dr. Bob “Approved” health.

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