Is Citrus Making You Sick?

In my other entries, I touched on the subject of environmental toxins and what we are putting in and on our body. I am not sure how much you think about what type of nutrition you are giving your child. Children are given plenty of cough medicine and decongestants. What do you give your child when they have a fever? I can tell you that common causes of coughs in children are citrus, dairy, and chocolate.

Citrus tends to cause mucus in the lungs. A great source of vitamin C, besides citrus, would include kiwi and bell peppers. Cut the peppers into thin strips. You may want to steam them and add rice pasta with a tab of organic butter.

I have also seen a lot of fevers in children when they do not have enough calcium. I recommend giving Ca/Mg-Zyme to children when they are teething or going through a growing spurt. To me, growing pains are a sign of a need for iodine. If your children swim a lot, you might want to purchase some extra iodine. Go slow. Go slow and do not run to get an antibiotic, I would suggest you also get a bottle of Peppermint Leaf; five drops a day. You’ll be glad you did.

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