Is Your Body Too Acidic?

Want to know the real issues concerning calcium and minerals? We have more than enough calcium being deposited into our body; the real concern is whether or not we are eating an ‘acid ash’ based diet. What does that mean? Ash is the residue in your system that is left when an item is metabolized/processed in the body. Citrus is an example that does not become an acid but, rather, an alkaline in your intestines. The sodium in the colon combines with the citrus to raise one’s pH versus lowering it. I have witnessed many female patients with chronic shoulder bursitis reduce the pain they experience by adding apple cider vinegar to their diets.

The whole acid/alkaline model can be intriguing and might even confuse some. The bottom line: most of you reading this article do not need more calcium; you need to eat more alkaline food that neutralizes the acid in your body. When one is acidic, the body will burn through the calcium, which is utilized to balance the pH. I consistently see high calcium levels on hair analysis results’, meaning the calcium is in the hair, but there is metabolism missteps. I also see a lot of fillings and caps on people who have acid-based diets; when one’s teeth are broken down, their spines also have a lot of decay resulting in osteopenia and osteoporosis.

“What do I do, Dr. Bob?”

I suggest a hair analysis. You might want to do the leg blood pressure cuff test, which is discussed in my “Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones”. Lastly, I recommend filling out a health survey, and then setting up a consultation. You do not want an acidic diet; you can check your pH with Nitrazine pH paper. I would also minimize dairy intake since it will inflame your blood vessel walls.

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