Is Your Nervous System Sympathetic?

I have noticed over time, patients who come into my office with long-term health challenges generally have exhausted hormonal systems. Our patients fill out a survey as part of their roadmap to optimal health. I consistently see marked boxes stating they have no desire to engage in sexual intimacy. Why? I firmly believe people are exhausted. Exhausted patients do not desire to be with anyone-they basically shut off emotionally and physically.

In your nervous system, there is a section called the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). The SNS is like pushing the gas pedal down to the max. The SNS speeds the body up and in actuality provides the energy to engage in physical and day-to-day activity. Sugar and stress depletes or fatigues the SNS. The SNS functioning at optimal levels is necessary for participating and successfully engaging in sexual activity.

– Does bright light bother your eyes?

– Do you crave salt?

– Do you love chips and pickles?

In my experience, individuals who:

– Crave salt, have exhausted adrenal gland function

– Patients who take antidepressants tend to be mentally exhausted

– Lack B vitamins and/or omega-3 oils do not desire to be intimate

Also, do you have cold hands and feet? If you have coldness in your body- you have subpar thyroid function. Your thyroid and adrenal glands work together to keep your fire going. I would suggest if you do not have the spark to engage in sexual activity, you may want to complete an Adrenal Stress Index that will help determine your sexual hormonal levels. You may want to also assess your EFA fats.

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