Is Your Tongue White?

Is detoxification significant? Why are many of us always cleansing? Do you know what is going on? We are bombarded by toxins. They are everywhere, but don’t get paranoid. You can create a roadmap for optimal health by avoiding common toxins.

Do you wake up with a pasty tongue? If you do, I would suggest writing down what you eat for a week or two. If you eat processed food most of the time, you are eating garbage! Processed food does not have life in it because it has been processed out! That is why it has a long shelf life. Processed food compromises your pancreas’ function.

So, who cares?

Well, your pancreas secretes/releases enzymes that are used for optimal digestion and included in the anti-inflammatory process. At one time, the enzyme trypsin was used to treat cancer. It was very successful, but for some reason, it was banned! Do you know that Armour Thyroid had been removed from the market because someone complained to the FDA about it? Armour helped a lot of thyroid patients. My suggestion: eat a piece of cucumber or other water vegetable with your meals, like baby tomatoes or celery. Think of fresh vegetables as cancer prevention.

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