It ‘Pains’ Me to Say This

Pain affects eight-six million Americans everyday. Are you one of them? Pain is the primary factor why someone comes into my office. The leading painkillers are the leading cause of liver and kidney disease. Painkillers are the leading cause of medicine-related induced death!

I discovered a relationship between food and pain. I sometimes get the ‘RCA dog stare’ from a patient when I suggest the food they have an addiction to is the central reason for their pain. My practice attracts patients with long histories of pain syndromes, that medicine nor surgery relieve. Where does that leave you, ladies and gentlemen?

The following recommendation is if you have relentless pain:

Journal your daily diet for two weeks. Write every item that passes through your lips.

– Do you see a lot of wheat, sugar, sweet fruits, dairy, and partially hydrogenated fats (trans fat)?

Wheat depletes the body of zinc. Zinc is the number one mineral deficiency in a woman’s diet. The body, to assist pain relieving fat tissue-like hormones called PG1 and PG2 uses zinc.

Sugar robs the body of minerals needed to relieve pain, especially calcium and magnesium. Sweet fruits (bananas, raisins, grapes, any dried fruit, pineapple, and cherries), can create continuous pain to your left neck and shoulder.

Dairy, when consumed in abundance creates a pain-relieving fat tissue hormone called PG2.

Partially hydrogenated fats can sabotage the formation of pain relieving PG3.

The list I mentioned above creates 90% of the pain I assist in my practice. Food is needed by the body to repair and provide the ingredients for optimal health.

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