KY Jelly is not Jam from Kentucky

I generally do not watch much TV, but for some reason, I had a few moments this weekend to catch a few movies. My computer is in viewing and hearing distance from my TV. I was thoroughly amazed to see KY re-brand themselves into a “Sex Machine”.

The advertisement is quite embarrassing, especially if you have children, in-laws, or friends in the room. I am not sure if you have seen it, a supposedly married couple is pulling their clothes off because the kids are not home, so they can “use” his and her KY. I honestly wasn’t sure what the product was until I Googled it.

KY Jelly used to be in the blue and white toothpaste shaped tube when I went to school to offer an easy to wash “jelly” for rectal exams, to a vaginal and/or penis lubricant. You should see the packaging (unless you have already); it even glows in the dark they said on the consumer comments. I guess you should not confuse the two, or it could provide for some embarrassment. If anyone has seen the advertisement, or had experience with the product, let us know.

I know one of the leading issues men contend with in their sexual performance is erectile dysfunction, while women have challenges with lubrication. I do not have the space to tell you why all this goes on, my “Guide to Sex and Romance” does an awesome job explaining. Ladies, if you have a problem with lubrication, my simple advice is to slow down, relax, drop some of your commitments, ask the family especially if you have older children, to help around the house. Cut out the sugar, and take flax oil. Men, for your ED, you may need to assess your medications. If you take an antidepressant, ready my ADHD book, you’ll be glad you did!

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