Ladies, Don’t Remove “Both”

One of my goals and passions is to tell everyone the truth about health. In USA Today, it said women are opting to remove their healthy breast when they have a tumor in the other one. The rate for this type of surgery has risen from 4.2% in 1998 to 11% in 2003. They did not have current information as you can see, since it is nearing ten years since the last update. In the article they said 25 of 542 women opted to have their breast taken off in the Hunt’s Study. There are three criteria for women to have their breast taken off.

– If a woman had more than one tumor in the original breast

– If her original tumor in the milk producing lobes spread like seeds around the breast instead of forming a solid lump

– If she had a high risk according to a scale called the “Gail Model”, which is the age of the patient when she had her first child and the family history of breast cancer.

Now, I recognize this is a very personal situation, but I do want you to know from my experience that we have helped a lot of women who stabilized once they were told they had breast cancer by:

– Supporting and cleansing the liver slowly

– Making sure there is enough iodine

– Eliminating sugar and toxic exposure to foods and environmental toxins

I know sometimes this seems overwhelming, but our society is like the “frog in the pot” narrative. A frog will jump out of a boiling pot, but you can put it in warm water and slowly turn the heat up until it boils without it trying to escape. We are living in the boiling point now in our society, and you, me and the public are in the pot. Conventional medical practitioners do not tell or give their patients a strategy about what to do and not do. I say that confidently because it is the norm. Patients are often given medication and told to go home.

Watch the female hormone and cleansing and detoxification “Get to Knows”. I would also purchase my “Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones”, read it, highlight it, read it again, then set up your roadmap by following the Page Diet. Remember to always eat your ABC’s. If you have cancer, I CAN help.

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