Limit the “Diet”

I had a patient come into the office recently; we were discussing the stress in their life. Their neighbor and one of their best friends had died six months prior of a brain tumor. My patient said her friend consumed six diet sodas a day. I have another patients whose 50+ year-old spouse passed away of a brain tumor. Guess what? They drank diet soda!

There have been conversations lately about soda calories. Diet soda is branded as “low calorie”, “no calorie”, or “one calorie” beverage. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of a soda? The sodium benzoate is a preservative and has been suggested to cause allergies. The phosphoric acid that creates the bubbles depletes the body of calcium. I would suggest if you want Dr. Bob “Approved” health, I would avoid soda. There are about 160 calories in soda with sugar, that is 9 1/2 teaspoons in one soda. I have read that people who drink their calories do not compensate later in meals by eating less versus when eating calories. If you are drinking diet soda, and those sweetened with aspartame, I would strongly encourage you to switch to water or herbal tea. Finally, soda drinkers can lose twelve pounds or more in three months by eliminating soda!

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