Married? Get Physical.

Deb and I recently spoke at a marriage conference. It is always interesting answering questions when you’re done explaining how your health affects your intimate time with your partner. We have seen an unusual number of individuals who lost their desire to engage in sexual activity with their spouse. This does not always mean the female; men who either do not want to, or are unable to have sexual intimacy with their mates often have exhausted adrenal gland function. I can also tell you those on antidepressants or cholesterol-lowering medications may have limited desire too.

“What can I do, Dr. Bob?”

I suggest cutting back on sugar. Take more time to rest and spend time with your spouse. I heard recently there is more divorces in Christian households than those who are not practicing any type of faith or spiritual enlightenment. If you are having challenges with your spouse, you might want to take time with each other. Go on a walk, and refrain from arguing, rather say encouraging things to each other. Work on your relationship. I am encouraging your to do this, because I see so many patients and people who have worse second marriages then the first one. So, spend time, say positive comments, you’ll be glad you did!

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