No More Cankles

From my experience, losing weight and keep it off is a daily ritual. I know that when I go out to eat dinner, I need to plan and strategize. Do I or don’t I eat the Fettuccine Alfredo at 750 calories a cup (which I don’t because it’s dairy), or do I have a chicken or duck breast with vegetables. You know which contains the most calories, and you have to decide is it’s worth beating yourself up for a day or so afterward.

I would like you to focus on eating your meals at home. I suggest a salad for lunch (No Iceberg!). Make sure you have protein on your salad (sliced chicken or turkey). The protein will stabilize your blood sugar for several hours. For dinner I would suggest eating vegetables with a protein. We sauté our vegetables or cook them on the grill.

There is a lot of physiology that creates a dilemma for those of you who need to lose weight. You should know what foods would create weight gain/loss. Sweets, starches and high calorie drinks will do just that. A low thyroid, congested liver and hormonal issues will sabotage even the best intentions to lose weight.

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