Operation: Stop Loosening Belt Buckle

Do you ever wonder why some people can eat all they want and not gain weight, while others are constantly battling extra pounds after two carrots? The answer may have to with vitamin D and calcium: UV-B and vitamin D normalizes food intake and blood sugar.

Weight normalization is associated with higher levels of vitamin D and adequate calcium. Obesity is associated with vitamin D-deficiency. In fact, obese persons have impaired production of UV-B stimulated by vitamin D and impaired absorption of food source and supplemental D.

When the diet lacks calcium, whether from a vitamin D or calcium deficiency, there is an increase in fatty acid synthase, an enzyme that converts calories in fat.

Higher levels of calcium with adequate vitamin D inhibit fatty acid synthase while diets low in calcium increase fatty acid synthase by as much as six fold.

In one study, genetically obese rats lost 60 percent of their body fat in six weeks on a diet that had moderate calorie restriction but was high in calcium. All rats supplemented with calcium showed increase body temperature indicating a shift from calorie storage to calorie burning.

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