Protect Your Heart from “Torpedoes”

Let’s talk heart health. There is plenty of confusion and fear among individuals who are taking measures to prevent a heart attack or heart failure, especially when their parents or peers were unable to do the same. Fear of being diagnosed with what others have is one of the driving forces bringing patients into my office.

Cholesterol is not necessarily bad, it is purposeful. Cholesterol has a job to do. If your cholesterol is above 200, I would not recommend a “lowering” medication without first minimizing and eliminating sugar, trans fat, or partially hydrogenated oils. Never eat “Torpedoes of Death” aka Donuts. The main ingredients in donuts-wheat, sugar, cream, trans fat, sprinkles, and preservatives-create total confusion to your body’s natural fire-prevention system. When you eat pastries and croissants, like I regularly review in diet journals from patients with a history of major heart dysfunction, you are sabotaging your intestines ability to absorb minerals.

Wheat products literally “glue” the little villi in your intestines together. This shows up on ACG (Acoustic Cardiogram) findings as a heart quiver. We translate sound energy from the valves closing to a graph. The heart is actually momentarily hesitating. I have also observed pockets of intestinal gas in the lower spinal X-ray views. The gas is from poor digestion created by the gluten. Gluten sensitivity is increasingly common. Why do you think “Gluten-Free” aisles are popping up at your local grocery? Over time, when you improve your diet, you will be more able to absorb minerals and your heart and energy will also improve.

*Note, if your cholesterol is above 200, cut out wheat and sugar products completely.

Do not go on statins, rather, eat one half of a red apple daily, one third cup of beets, and four or five baby, or one medium carrots. Your cholesterol will stabilize over time. I see it everyday.

3 responses to “Protect Your Heart from “Torpedoes””

  1. Thank you for sharing all the great live-saving info, Dr. Bob. Do you know if any over-the-counter products are available to use to test cholesterol levels. And, if so, their approx. cost?

    Gary Madsen
    Age 57
    Riverside, CA

  2. Thanks for this information Dr. Bob. What foods and supplements would you suggest to clean out
    plaque and calcium deposits from clogged arteries? And any thing else you would suggest. I am
    62 years young.

    Thank you,
    Millard Baker

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