Questions To Ask Yourself If You Have Allergies:

Do you have chronic cough, hives, itchy throat, runny nose or skin eruptions?

Are you eating the same food consistently?

My primary focus if you suffer with chronic allergies would be, first and foremost, to journal what you are eating. Look at the journal after one week. Do you see a pattern? Do you eat the same food over and over again? I would bet you do. Why? It is easy, habit-forming and you are psychologically and physiologically addicted to the tastes and components of the items you passionately desire.

I would stop eating ALL dairy products and sugar. Additionally, I would purchase a digestive enzyme. We use Hydro-Zyme from Biotics Research. I know if you start with that alone, you will be pleasantly surprised. We give Hydro-Zyme to my dog, Belle, who is 17, and her skin condition cleared up and her eyes stopped running. It was all digestion. I also would like to suggest you think about using Agrisept-L, one of my patients gave a testimony and Agrisept-L, which is a citric seed extract, made a huge difference in her life.

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