Real Talk For Parents

What do you do when your take your child in for a problem that has been bugging them, like pulling their eyebrows out?

Or when your daughter has severe headaches and they want to put her on an antidepressant?

How about a young girl with menses issues at 15, and their insistence to put her on the “pill”?

Should you have your daughter vaccinated for the prevention of sexual transmitted diseases?

What do you do when your child is having pain in their spine?

Having mono and a colon that is toxic can cause chronic sore throats. Always do a mono test.

– Pulling hair out anywhere or chewing one’s nails is common with a mineral deficiency. Use Celtic Sea Salt.

– Morning headaches are common with a low thyroid. You will want to take the armpit temperature and/or TSH, T3 and T4 test.

– Menses headaches can be caused by subluxation of the upper neck and/or too much estrogen. You need to clean up the liver. Eat Dr. Bob’s ABC’s.

– Heavy menses clean up the liver. Supplement with whole food B vitamins and take a liver support like Milk Thistle and/or Dandelion Root & Leaf. No sugar!

– I would NOT have my child vaccinated, and legally they CANNOT force you.

– Spinal pain could be caused by subluxation. A healthy spine is a healthy you.

I am amazed by how many youth love their adjustments. Both of you will be glad you invested in their health.

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