Seven Steps for Dr. Bob “Approved” Skin

Maintaining and improving the quality of your skin is an inside-out process. Conventional Western medical physicians seem to be anxious to take out their “pad” and write a prescription for a potent drug protocol to treat skin conditions. However, this type of treatment doesn’t get to the root cause and seldom allows the issue to repair itself from the outside-in. Do you realize those potent, probably prescribed drugs need to be eliminated by your liver? A healthy liver is one of the key factors for optimal skin health.

Do you have a skin concern that causes embarrassment? What about a precancerous lesion or skin tabs? Have you noticed more “birthmarks” or “age spots”? Do you have acne rosacea (red face marks with raised skin)?

Rosacea will respond to the one suffering if that person eliminates or greatly reduces their sugar consumption. Sugar depletes the body of B vitamins. A lack of B vitamins impacts skin health, especially the skin around the nose and face.

Have you been prescribed a cream, salve, or light treatment for psoriasis, eczema, or another skin condition? Have you ever thought you may be responsible for your skin circumstances? Boy, that is a tough nut for some to swallow! Have you noticed people who smoke tend to have an ashen, gray color, with deep wrinkles and no skin elasticity? If you’re a non-smoker, compare your skin quality to those who are smokers. This ‘field’ test will show you that what you put in your body affects how you look on the outside.

I want you to think of the integrity of your skin as your report card. The state of your internal function and well-being is visible on your skin. If you do not like the integrity or condition of your skin, then you may want to consider what you are putting in and on your body. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

I have read hundreds of articles about skin health. When I completed a search on foods to help improve skin, I noticed the journalists must have read the same articles from each other-all projected “inside-the-box” thinking. They incorrectly tell you to eat low-fat yogurt, salmon, green tea, berries, water, avocados, mangoes, almonds, and cottage cheese. Some of the suggestions wanted to make me laugh!

Do you know that yogurt consumption actually congests your liver? A plastic surgeon was quoted in our local paper saying that she does not do any “tuck” or “facial pull” on anyone who eats yogurt because of a phenomenon called “glycation”. According to Nick Perricone, M.D., glycation is the process where sugar and protein come together, twisting skin fibers, causing wrinkles and deep skin crevasses. So much for the reliability of the suggestions to consume yogurt for skin health. (Side note: yogurt has more sugar per container than its rival, ice cream). Do you still think you should eat yogurt?

Think about this: Can you still trust the source of salmon these days? Is the salmon at your grocer really farm raised and being labeled as ocean salmon? There is much fraud being reported in the fish industry. Cottage cheese tends to congest the liver and lymphatic system. Is cottage cheese, the weight loss phenomenon of the 70′s, a common cause of acne?

I need to create a “healthy skin” strategy for you, but first, a bit more on the nuts and bolts of healthy skin. What do you eat? What vitamins are needed for clear skin?

Healthy skin is a sign that your body is firing on all cylinders and the cells are dumping the byproducts of metabolism into the appropriate areas and channels. You cannot successfully treat skin lesions from the outside-in and receive total correction. An external ointment, salve, or cream assists in a surface cleanse, but you really need the inside channels to be working optimally.

This is what I generally see: teens are told to drink their milk for calcium in order to build strong bones. They already have an overloaded liver system trying to process their hormones. Milk is sourced from lactating cows that have their own hormones in the milk, especially progesterone. We drink it as humans, and wham, a pimple shows up on our face, then another, and another, and before you know it, your whole face is red with acne.

“What is up, Dr. Bob?”

The liver is overworked; the lymphatic system is constantly plugged by dairy; the body then starts to use the skin as a detoxification organ. A general rule to go by: the colon is your first organ to eliminate, if it is sluggish, the liver is going to be overworked. The next organ to backup is the kidney. If you’re experiencing skin challenges, journal what you are eating.

Something you are doing is overworking the system.

Wheat, dairy, and meat clog up the body’s elimination system. Wheat and soy deplete zinc from your body. Zinc is needed for optimal skin health; pizza and pastries can be the cause of your skin challenges. Soda and alcohol block up the “pipes”-your lymph channels-have you read the ingredients in soda or energy drinks lately? Sugar, trans fat, over-the-counter, and powerful prescription medication really overburden the entire cleansing mechanism. Putting a salve or coal tar on the outside is not going to help the inside. A few recommendations: eat fiber and drink water.  Be consistent with your water consumption. Focus on eating whole, organic, raw, or steamed vegetables.

If you have skin issues, don’t focus on the lesion present on the skin. Skin conditions, (I want you to ‘get this’), are frequently rooted because of toxic liver/colon overload. Think “internal cause”. I would encourage oat, rice, almond, or coconut milk (all unsweetened), versus cow’s milk, if you insist on eating cereal for breakfast.

What I see here in the sunless, cold North, is an increase of seborrhea and dandruff during the winter. Consume a blend of omega-6 and omega-3 fats to treat this. Black Currant Seed Oil would be a fine example of an awesome mixed blend of all healthy oils. Oil takes calcium to the outer layer of your skin-this is important. Dry skin will improve with calcium, vitamin D, and oil supplementation. Increase your use of a blend of omega-6 and omega-3 for all skin issues. Dry skin will respond to extra oil. Painful cracks on cuticles usually will not appear in winter-when you take flax oil!

Drink more water. Distilled water is “dead water”. Always remember this: ‘clean machines (your body) work better’. Eat beets-they lend a hand to liver function. I talk to patients every  day that have been on medication(s) for years while under conventional treatment protocols involving the care for skin issues. They always tell me the physician treated the lesion on the skin or they took cortisone and said they knew the physician was not getting to the cause.

Here are seven, Dr. Bob “Approved” strategies:

1. Vitamin A assists the body in creating optimal skin integrity. I don’t know how much you think about what you are eating, but the C in Dr. Bob’s ABC’s, are carrots, and they have over two hundred known nutrients. Once our patients add the ABC’s to their diet, they see skin changes in less than a month. Try this: get a sandwich bag, and fill it with celery, carrots, and a half a red apple in the morning. I would eat these as your snack food for the day. Each of these foods plays their part in your skin health. Apples are for the liver and colon, beets for the liver, and carrots for every aspect of your body. Your skin will thank you.

2. Drink a minimum of one quart of water per day.

3. Eat green, non-starchy vegetables. Only eat pears, plums, apples, and avocados for fruits.

4. Avoid all dairies if you have any skin blemish.

5. Avoid alcohol-it creates additional, unnecessary liver stress.

6. Consider purchasing a castor oil pack, which gently detoxifies the liver.

7. Eat a full-spectrum, non-citrus, vitamin C vegetable: Bell peppers (red, yellow, orange) I would also encourage flax or black currant seed oil-these oils take calcium from the outer periphery to the skin-preventing skin thickening and maybe even cancer. I am convinced skin cancer is a direct result of altered fat metabolism. Good fat, as you have discovered, is necessary to take calcium to the outer tissues. I would have a vitamin D assessment; you may need up to 5000 IU of vitamin D per day. I would suggest a whole food B vitamin-skin issues are common with a B deficiency. You should take a full-spectrum multiple vitamin. I want to really encourage you to think about a daily liver support-we use Dandelion Root/Leaf, Yellow Dock (a great skin product on its own), Livotrit Plus, and Hair, Skin and Nail Support.

A few last thoughts: do you have skin tabs around your neck? That is a body signal of liver stasis-so are cherry hemangiomas, and spider and varicose veins. You would be ahead of the game of tissue restoration by taking the time to fill out a Health Survey. I have used the Mineral Tissue Analysis to evaluate zinc levels, the EFA test to determine what fats are needed, the Food Allergy Bloodspot to assess what foods may be your challenge, and finally, the Adrenal Stress Index-which tells me how much natural anti-inflammatory cortisone you are producing. The same test will tell me if wheat is an issue.

Remember this: As the integrity of your skin improves, so will your inside-out health!

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