“Sex” is Not Profane

Debbie and I have been passionately married since 1976; we were both blessed to be passionate about life, sharing similar personality traits. How about you? We discovered while serving our patients, that sex and romance are major obstacles in marriage.

I have all our patients and clients fill out a Health Survey. To my surprise over the years, I noticed that a majority of people who were honest marked the box in section 7 “Lack of Sexual Desire”. It is almost epidemic. I observe this regularly when Debbie and I got out and speak; most people put their heads down when we mention the S and R word as if we were using profanity.

This is serious-I mean this is a very GI-NORMOUS reason many get divorced. Men, let me ask you a question:

If you had regular intimacy and tender time with your mate, would you get a divorce?

I would have to believe you would not. Men like sex, men need sex,–and we talk about why in the book. Women like romance, women need romance. Men, I have a whole chapter on how to woo your wife. You would increase your times of intimacy if you spent more time with your wife; you would actually get to know what she likes and what she does not care for.

Verbalize heartfelt comments-to get a friend you need to be a friend; try being as friendly to your mate as you do to your buddies. Ladies, this goes both ways. It is that simple-spend genuine time. Also, if you have been offended, get over it. That may be candid, but so many think their mate is the problem, “If I only had a better wife,” –or, “If I only.” I see my share of unhappily married couples in round two. Most take the same baggage and attitude to the next marriage. Watch my GTK’s on “Sex and Romance”. You will be very glad you did!

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