Simple “No-Colds” Checklist

From my experience, those who tend to “catch” colds usually have high stress levels, which depletes the body of critically needed minerals. You can prevent getting a cold or flu by keeping your pH more acidic (that would be green on pH paper) and if you add these tips you WON’T get sick:

1. Minimize sugar! It depletes minerals.

2. Take up to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day, from November until May. Start with at least 2000 IU a day. Also, those of you with dark skin should have your vitamin D tested.

3. I would take a ratio of 10 to 1, calcium to Vitamin D.

4. Find a skilled chiropractor who can correct the subluxations located in your spine, especially in your cervical and lower lumbar area.

5. Sleep at least seven hours a night.

6. Do not smoke.

7. If you are stressed, address it, and do not focus on negative emotions.

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