Stop ADHD in 18 Days

The media recently reported that children who go to school at a younger age in comparison to their peers have a greater tendency to be ADHD according to a limited study! I don’t know about you, but way back in 1959, my family enrolled me in first grade way too soon; I was one of those ‘in-between ages’,with an October birthday. I even skipped kindergarten, not by choice, I am sure. I don’t know the reason I was sent early; perhaps I was a bit too much to handle at home. Needless to say, I ran away from school within the first day or two, and my dad had to leave work to get me (we only had one car). I do not recall having an attention issue. I went to a parochial school and we all had to “toe the line”. I know that I really should have gone to kindergarten versus first grade, but that was then. We now have all the media distractions such as iPhones, iPads, PS3′s, junk food and even real food that is actually junk food. Our children today, as well as adults have so much sensory stimulation it is a wonder we are not all ADD or ADHD.

Let me share a few real physiology, simple to-the-point comments. I have discovered over time (I have been in practice for over 35 years), that the leading cause of ADHD, ADD, and depression,  plus a myriad of other conditions, can be directly linked to the food we eat; what a novel idea! I actually receive a lot of negative feedback from individuals who believe that ADHD is a medical disease that can only be treated with drugs and anyone who has a contradictory opinion is a nut case! I am not sure where along the line food and health diverged.

This is the issue with ADHD and depression: the brain has trouble sending messages on a layer of fat called the Myelin Sheath. I want you to think of your nerves as wires. The copper in the wires, where the electric charges flow over, would be similar to the fat in the nerves. The configuration of a “normal” fat molecule is C shaped. The C’s connect with each other and become cell membranes; the C’s flip-flop back and forth to make a chain or linked fence.

Can you imagine trying to connect C’s and T’s? This will confuse the body. Trans fat or partially hydrogenated fats do just that. The T-shaped Trans Fat (which is how it got its name) because of the T or twisted molecule cannot interlock with the C’s creating a “short circuit” in the body’s ability to send messages. This is very serious, and one of the reasons NYC and the state of California have outlawed trans fat from restaurants. Do you want to know what is really amazing? The scientific community has promoted the “Low Fat, No Fat” diet for years and especially trans fat, saying it was heart healthy! Did you know that trans fat is one of the leading causes of inflammation or heart disease? Wrap your brain around that! And now, they are telling us that Splenda is good for you!

So how does trans fat enter your diet? All you have to do is go to your pantry where you have food and look at the labels. If you see ‘partially hydrogenated oils’ you are eating trans fat. I know you may be thinking the package I have says “0 Grams Trans Fat”. The media and manufacturers want you to feel “safe” with the new label and have duped the public. The government has permitted companies to say “0 Grams Trans Fat” when a package has 1/2 gram of trans fat or less per serving. So let’s say a bag of chips has ten servings, and each serving is 16 potato chips. When was the last time you ate just one, or sixteen for that matter? My guess would be never; so your snack quite possibly contained as many as 8 grams of trans fat!

One last point, there is something called a ‘half-life’ which is the amount of time it takes a compound to have half of it’s strength or potency. The half-life of trans fat is fifty-one days which means if you eat a breakfast pastry, peanut butter sandwich, or a bag of snacks, the trans fat will create havoc for not fifty-one days (that’s just it’s HALF-life), but at least 102 days. The half-life of Cis or good fat is 18 days; this is why the title of my book is “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days”. And guess what? It does work! You may want to get a copy; it will change your life-I promise!

Here is the protocol we use to help ADHD, Depression and Anxiety:

Multi Mins – up to six a day

Bio B 100’s – up to six a day

B6 Phosphate – 2 -3 daily

High Lignan Flax Oil – one tablespoon per 100 pounds

Biomega-3 – one teaspoon daily for 18 days (your body will be working up to par by then)

Looking for a good place to shop? Whole Foods Market does not permit any product in its stores that contains trans fat!  Also, restaurants use up to five billion pounds of trans fat a year, so be careful when you decide to eat out! Trans fat interferes with the body’s ability to send messages; this can cause ADHD and DEPRESSION.

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