Stop ADHD with Food

Billy has had ADHD since he was diagnosed in kindergarten at age six. He was placed on every medication that is/was available. His mom, Holly, learned about our book from a neighbor whose daughter also has ADHD. Billy has been a patient of mine for several months now. Guess what: His ADHD symptoms are gone! Holly said that it is not easy and others do not understand how food impacts the body.

I know there are a lot of kids and adults who have ADHD and don’t know what to do. I can tell you this, AVOID trans fat and sugar because they deplete the body of minerals, and START taking Vitamin B. I would also avoid peanut butter that has trans fat or its alter ego: Partially hydrogenated oil. This is very serious; we may be talking life and death here. Families need to work together and help these kids get a grip on their lives. Big Pharma wants everyone on medication/prescription drugs. Twenty-five percent of kids and teens under age twenty are now on prescription medication. As a united community, we need to have the GUTS to say, “No More!”

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