Stop drinking diet soda. Lose weight.

In your quest to lose weight, there are physiology challenges. First you have to be determined to lose weight. Next, I suggest filling out a diet sheet. Write down what you eat and drink everyday. Most of your hidden calories come in the form of soda, milkshakes, specialty coffee drinks and alcohol.I consulted with a young man yesterday who needed to lose at least one hundred pounds. He had wheat with each meal, but no vegetables or protein. He wants to lose weight, but unless he changes, he will not lose a pound. It will take at least two years, but as I told him and you: Change your habits NOW.

Your liver is a workhorse. If your liver is congested, your probability of dropping the extra pounds will be slim to none, (no pun intended).

How do you know if your liver is congested? Do you have spider veins, hemorrhoids or varicose veins? Do you drink alcohol, or eat trans fat and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?

Do you have a heavy menses or experience tender breasts? Do radishes, green peppers or onions bother you? If you answered yes, your liver is congested.

Your thyroid is the gas pedal. Do you have cold hands and feet? Are you constipated? Do you have thin hair or loss of outer eyebrow hair? What about morning headaches after eating sweet fruit or dessert before bed? If yes, you need to have your thyroid assessed.

Your adrenal gland is the fuel pump. Are you stressed? Do you have belly fat that will not go away? Does bright light bother your eyes? Do you get dizzy from a sit to stand? Does your blood pressure drop from sit to stand? If you are under stress, and you have high cortisol, your body is burning muscle. You need all the muscle you can in order to burn those extra calories.

Miscellaneous Questions:
– Do you eat organic or conventional food? I have had patients lose 25 pounds by eating organic food.
– What type of oil do you use? If you use trans fat (hydrogenated oil) instead of olive or rice oil to sauté your food, you will be 7% heavier.
– Do you use HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)? You will not have enough leptin to say you are “full”.
– Do you eat MSG? Mice are usually thin, but when they need fat mice for experiments they pump them with MSG.
– Does your body get enough Vitamin D?
– Are you constipated?
– Do you exercise?
– Do you drink diet soda? I have had patients lose 15 pounds in one month after getting off the DIET!

Where should you start? Eat whole foods; avoid desserts, soda, and alcohol. Eat vegetables; drink water, exercise, and get sleep for growth hormones.

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