Stop Ovarian Cancer

I recently had a conversation with a young lady who told me about a large growth on her ovary. The first comment from the conventional health care provider was, “Let’s get it out of there!” I am not opposed to surgery when necessary, but why is it common for an organ to be removed without questioning? The removal is easy, but the untold consequences can be gut wrenching: premature hot flashes, menopause, loss of libido, depression, and others alter your menses.

The Wall Street Journal posted a very interesting article on ovarian cancer on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, page D3, “Toward Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer”. It was quite alarming: 15, 000 ladies die from ovarian cancer every year. The cause is unknown, and the treatment, they say, is better then before, but not concretely. I see that response in many cancer conditions. I want to list some of the “Telltale Symptoms” they listed:

1. Abdominal bloating

2. Vague, but persistent gastrointestinal complaints

3. Change in bowel habits

4. Frequency or urgency of urination

5. Unexplained weight gain or loss

6. Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Source: Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Ladies, I want you to know that many ovarian function issues come from a lack of iodine. All cells in your body need iodine, especially: breast, ovaries, and testes in men. The real challenge today is that we do not receive enough iodine in our diets, but the real quandary is the fact bromine, chlorine, and fluorine are antagonistic to iodine. Breast cysts are very common in ladies with a deficiency in iodine. Let’s make sure your body has an adequate amount of iodine for optimal health!

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