The Estrogen Ocean

Deb and I rarely eat canned food. I have a section in my detoxification book where I focus on the negative aspects of Bisphenol A or BPA, a resin used in the lining of canned foods. Did you know BPA is also in the Recycle No. 7 plastic bottles? It is toxic and creates excessive estrogen.

There is more confusion with detoxifying than almost any other subject I discuss, besides prescription medication. People always want to take something. Do you know that stress can be toxic to your liver? Did you know the word melancholy could be translated to black bile?

Toxic conditions may be the reason you have a chronic sinus problem. You may have bad breath because of poor digestion leading to putrefaction in your stomach. Did you know antacids could be the villains? Do you drink iced beverages with your meals? Cold drinks can stagnate your digestion. What color apples do you eat? Red apples create better transient time than green apples.

Have you ever tried a castor oil pack? The castor oil pack is one of the most effective modalities to promote optimal health. I suggest you carve out forty-five minutes a week for it.

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