What Causes Pain?

Pain motivates people to act. Often it is taking a product to stop the pain.

Have you ever wondered what causes pain?

Did you know your body uses pain as a message for repair?
When your body does not recognize an injury, restoration slows or stops totally. Did you know migraine medication actually causes pain when you try to stop?

Do you know that aspirin slows the healing time of fractures?
Willow Bark would be a viable alternative to aspirin. Pain at the cellular level is a result of several factors. The most significant is too much omega-6 fat available at the injury or area in pain, increasing the pain producing prostaglandin number two or PG2.

To stop fibromyalgia and pain syndromes, I would suggest taking at least one tablespoon of flax oil daily. No sugar or dairy. Cut back on citrus and replace oranges with bell peppers. One last thought. Eating a high carbohydrate diet tends to increase copper. High copper means low zinc. You need zinc to make the natural pain relievers in your body. Wheat depletes zinc, chew on that a moment.

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