What is muscle catabolism?

People start losing lean muscle tissue after they turn forty. You know what? I can tell you how your health is just by looking at your mineral tissue analysis. Patient’s who have an altered carbohydrate metabolism that is not up to par have an elevated amount of phosphorous on their tissue results.

Increased phosphorous is a result of “muscle catabolism”. Muscle catabolism is your body’s ability to create energy from normal carbohydrate function. If your body “can’t start”, it will begin to use the very precious lean muscle for fuel. Do you know what that means to your arm/triceps tissue? It does not have any tissue or strength to hold them together, so they flop around (I call them ‘wada-wada’s). Men do not always have the same amount of loose tissue like women do, but they can. I would suggest you eat more protein and less carbohydrates.

Let’s conclude by talking about thinning hair in young men. For hair to be healthy, it needs quality-sourced oil. Eating fries and pastries cooked in trans fat will disrupt your body from creating needed long-chain fatty acids for optimal hormone health. Your hairline will be affected, and not in a positive way (you will lose it). I suggested thinking about investing in a Bloodspot EFA analysis.

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