What is the Magic Pill?

What exactly is a body signal? A body signal is anything that your body is physically, emotionally, and even mentally, presenting at the current time. Familiar body signals include: skin breakouts, smelly feet, constipation, and headaches. Having one body signal can be enough to cause anxiety over one’s health, but each of the previously mentioned ailments, and many others, can be eliminated and avoided all together if we first eat correctly, and second, pay attention to our own specific body signals.

Two organs in the human body that attribute to inward and outward signals are the liver and the thyroid gland. The liver assists the body in absorbing what is needed for optimal health and eliminating what is not. If our liver is “plugged” up from external toxins, consumption of foods with hydrogenated oils, alcohol, cigarettes, and all sugar-laden food, body signals can include tiredness, dizziness, headaches, and a heavy metal taste in your mouth.

The thyroid gland, located near the throat, has many roles including regulating calcium metabolism. When our bodies become over-stressed with work, family, and relationships, our thyroid is compromised, resulting in body signals such as cold hands and feet, depression, and thinning hair.

A popular question in our culture is, “What is the magic pill that can cure all body signals and ailments”? Well, there isn’t a magic pill, but one nutritional mineral that should be consumed by everyone is iodine. Iodine aids thyroid function that corrects brittle hair, dry skin, and fatigue. However, once you begin ingesting iodine we recommend beginning with 6 mg a day, or half a tablet.

In addition to adding iodine to your diet, I suggest using a castor oil pack once a week. The castor oil pack is a tremendous way to soothe and soften your liver. According to Dr. David G. Williams, a castor oil pack is an economical and effective way to absorb ricinoleic acid, and castor oil’s other healing components, into our body. If you have never used a castor oil pack before, the process is quite simple.

To make a castor oil pack, you will need the following items:

–       Cold-pressed castor oil

–       Standard heating pad

–       Plastic garbage bag or plastic wrap

–       Wool Flannel

–       One large bath towel

1. To begin, place the heating pad on a flat surface and turn the setting to high.

2. On top of the pad, lay the plastic garbage bag or plastic wrap.

3. Next, soak the flannel pieces with castor oil (generally about one-half cup).

4. Lay them on top of the plastic and heating pad.

5. The entire pack can now be placed against the body with the oil-soaked flannel on the skin.

For general conditions, the pack should be placed on the abdomen. For treating lower back problems, the pack can be placed over the affected area. To help hold the pack in place and to keep oil from getting on your bedding, the body can be wrapped in a large bath towel.

– The pack should remain in place for at least one hour and the temperature of the heating pad should be kept at the highest temperature tolerable to the patient.

– Do Not sleep with the pack on.

When you remove the pack, the remaining oil can be massaged into the skin or cleaned off using soda water made from one quart of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda.

The flannel can be reused, if stored properly, after removing the pack. To store the saturated flannel, place the flannel in either a plastic bag or a plastic container and keep refrigerated. Before your next application, warm the flannel and add another one or two tablespoons of fresh, cold pressed castor oil. You can warm the flannel in a low temperature oven for five-ten minutes.

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