What Is Your Cholesterol Number?

Do you know your cholesterol level? You should. What about your vitamin D level? You should for this one as well. Cholesterol is necessary for life. If your cholesterol is less than the recommendations the conventional people tell you (160), it is possible you can have negative side effects (not enough cholesterol to create vitamin D).

There was a new study that was recently released mentioning a niacin-based medication called Niaspan that is more effective in lowering cholesterol than Vytorin and Zetia. The people at Merck did not like the report-they make Zetia. I know the names can be confusing. The body, to make an array of steroids, uses cholesterol; estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are the most common, but cholesterol is also used to make cortisone and Vitamin D. Not many individuals realize that vitamin D is not a vitamin! Hello!! You read that right, vitamin D, is a tissue-like hormone, like pre-insulin.

Vitamin D is critically low in those who have dark skin and individuals who do not get out into the sun. I have learned and discovered over the last twelve months, it is one of the leading issues with many of the problems you are plagued; high blood pressure, cancer, heart issues, MS, osteoporosis, pain syndrome, and chronic pain syndromes, flu, colds, and even pneumonia. With all the garbage about the Big Pharma companies arguing over their products, and by the way, Vytorin is on track to generate a few billion dollars this year. Who is kidding whom?

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