What Is Your Colon Saying?

Because I usually give candid answers, I am always asked a lot of questions in regard to body function. One surprisingly common question: So why do my stools or bowel movements smell “nasty”?

Anytime you have putrefaction in your colon, image a compost pile in the summer without a breeze, you will have a buildup of gases.

The bottom line is:

You have either combined your food wrong, taken several rounds of antibiotics and/or you have eaten a lot of meat products loaded with chemicals that are just hanging out in the colon slowly decomposing.

Did you ever go to bed at night will a full stomach only to wake up in the am like it was still there? Guess what? It is. I have noticed Blood Type A individuals appear to have digestive systems that move slow and steady. Blood Type A people appear to have the most digestive distress related symptoms including: cold sores, poison ivy, and leg cramps! Do you want to know why? They do not absorb calcium that well. Lack of calcium creates those body signals.

To those of you reading this excerpt, do not eat meat and potatoes-eat meat and green vegetables. Some of you over thirty-five should limit your red meat, especially conventional or non-organic meat. Meat is very difficult to digest and when you load it with chemicals it is even more challenging. Do you have problems with digestion? I would suggest a digestive aid. We have been using a product from Biotics Research called Hydro-Zyme.

If you have chronic colon challenges, I would suggest you eat more greens. Greens help clean the walls of the colon. Limit your grains, drink water from a pure source and eat meat with vegetables. If you notice your stools are continually smelly, review what you have been eating.

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