What’s IN The beef?

Have you read the Taco Bell ingredients for beef? They are shocking. Do you know their beef has sand as an ingredient? Silicon is sand. It also has isolated oat products to hold water, and soy lecithin that prevents the separation of fat. Maltodextrin is a starch (from corn) that is degraded into chains of sugar that add flavor and prevent separation. I would suggest you look at the food you are eating. Look at the ingredients. Do not be duped by evaporated cane juice, or turbinado sugar, which is one step away from refined sugar.

Awareness of what you are eating is crucial. I was speaking at a seminar recently, and the number of questions I had concerning depression amazed me. Are you depressed? Do you know someone who is depressed? I would suggest they have their thyroid tested (a TSH, T3, and T4). Look at your results; your levels should be in the middle. If any are on the low side, and you are a female, my hormone book will help.

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