When Did America Gain Weight?

Weight loss is going to be a “trending topic” with the new health care agenda. I read in The Wall Street Journal, that the powers that be are more focused on not discriminating against people who have weight issues, but determining how they can have universal coverage for all. The author said, “This is all a part of their (congress) effort to pass “universal coverage” and gradually transition everyone into a single government program like Medicare, thus insulating people even more from the costs of their lifestyle decisions. Don’t expect to win the war on obesity by making the government fatter”.

Weight gain in America started around 1980 with the increase of trans fat, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and monosodium glutamate (MSG). The food conglomerates created sustenance that was tasty, salty, and sugar laden, which lead to addiction. Their plan worked so well, that nearly 60% of all Americans are obese and some critically obese. Moms went to work, creating a need for fast, convenient foods. The government created subsidies for farms to stop actually growing healthy food, and was told to focus on cheap grains, like wheat and soy. Farmers today literally cannot produce the food we need to stay fit, because they are being subsidized to grow cheap, easy foods the main components of high calorie addictive snack and convenience items. So what can you do to lose weight?

– Shop the periphery of the store; focus on seasonal, more cost-effective vegetables that you prepare at home.
– Avoid packaged convenience foods with addictive chemicals that initiate repeat consumption.
– Exercise daily for sixty minutes.
– Avoid liquid calories; soda, alcohol, specialty coffee drinks and HFCS sweetened products.
– Plan your meals ahead. Focus on vegetables and protein.

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