Winter Prep for Adults and Kids

During the winter months, I have many young children complain of fevers. I notice adults will get fevers and the flu in winter, especially here in the Midwest where the sun rarely makes an appearance from November through May. Sunlight stimulates the cholesterol in your skin to be transformed to vitamin D3, while your body retrieves calcium from the vitamin D in the blood.

The sun is the great cholesterol-lowering pill in the sky and it’s cost effective!

Vitamin F (flax oil) has several functions in the body including transporting calcium to the skin. Adults with fevers may need up to 1200 mg a day of calcium and up to 600 mg of magnesium a day. Calcium glues cells together so the “critter” like viruses and bacteria do not penetrate in the cells creating an imbalance in the body’s defense mechanism.

From my thirty plus years of experience, I have determined that a fever is a sign that your body needs calcium.

Young children might need calcium because they are going through a growth spurt or teething. I would not recommend “fever reducing” over-the-counter products. Keep in mind, your children might become constipated with a fever due to the fact that they are lacking minerals.

Giver them a one-fourth teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt in eight ounces of water, which will hydrate them like saline. With real stubborn cases, I suggest a suppository or Fleet enema to activate the stool so the body can begin to absorb minerals.

Lastly, a low thyroid gland can result in a calcium deficiency. Other body signals of a low thyroid include: wide spaced teeth, cold hands and feet, high cholesterol and constipation. People with low thyroid and low calcium can “catch colds” and get the flu more than those who have normal thyroid function.

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