You Knee’d to Read This

I want to give you a freebie. Through my training and experience, I have found right knee pain-especially on the outside part of the joint-can actually be caused by gallbladder distress! Shocking, no?

There is a meridian pathway (common flow of energy) in the body discussed in Chinese Medicine that travels down the right leg along the knee on the outside. I am commonly asked to help right knee pain and when the patients indicates where they pain is, they nearly always points to the outside of the right knee.

Right shoulder pain is common with gallbladder distress. If you experience right shoulder pain that is aggravated by peanut butter, butter, French fries, or any type of fatty food, you may have gall bladder congestion or stagnation. Digestive distress with green peppers, onions, cucumbers and garlic strongly also suggests to me that you may have a liver/gallbladder stasis.

If you have right knee pain with all of the above start eating Dr. Bob’s ABC’s: one half of a red apple, one third cup of beets, and four or five baby carrots. You may also want to complete a Health Survey because the most common body signal I see when clients fill out this detailed questionnaire is liver/gallbladder distress. You do not want to have your gallbladder removed. I have also had patients undergo knee surgery and replacement with continuous pain after the surgery. Give some thought about what you’re eating and let me know what you think, especially if your knee or shoulder is bothering you.

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