You Need to Poop

Your colon is one of the main excretory systems. Your skin and lungs also release a lot of toxins on their own. Stagnation of colon function results in a state of autointoxication, where your body literally absorbs its own toxins.

You need to have a regular bowel movement function if you want to have a life of optimal health. From my personal experience and that of my colon therapist, you should have between four and five “movements” a day. You want to have one within the first two hours of being awake and also within two hours of eating each meal.

Below are four steps to a healthy bowel movement:

Drink between 1.5 to 2 L of pure water per day

Eat more fiber (apples, gluten-free oatmeal)

Exercise an hour a day

Make sure your thyroid is functioning optimally

The liver is the second major organ for detoxification: it neutralizes the toxic items you put in and on your body. The average female applies over 150 chemicals to her body daily. Ladies, I need you to become label savvy. To support the liver functions, I suggest eating eggs, onion, and garlic and taking one product daily for either cleansing or support; I, personally, use either Milk Thistle or Dandelion Root. We also have several herbs to help with liver support and remember, my ‘ABC’s’ are another great way to support detoxification.

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