Your 2013 Goal-Know Your Numbers

For each of you who are trying to achieve your optimal weight in 2013 I would to say the most important number for you to be aware of is your BMI which is easily calculated. Your personal goal should be a normal, or the green box; the number should be less than 25. I started my 20:12 experience with a BMI of 27, currently I am at 22. The emotions created by the BMI chart can be very high or very low; I generally receive some negative comments on patients who do not agree with the results. They often say their body weighs more because of the “extra muscle”. Regardless if you agree or disagree with the chart, it is used as a standard by the industry. You should be very aware of your BMI at this point in time because you will see in the very near future if you do not have a normal BMI or you are in the obese category you may be required to “pay to play”. This means that you may be required to pay extra on your monthly health insurance premiums. I personally work on keeping my BMI less than 30 because I would have to pay an additional $125.00 per month on my monthly health insurance fees. If you are teetering to being close to the obese category you would be wise to follow the simple principles below so you can drop the extra weight right now.

  1. I would suggest you start writing down every morsel that enters your mouth. It has been my personal experience that what you eat is either going to put weight on or be instrumental in taking weight off. Look for patterns of what you are eating and when you eat the most. Avoid going to fast food or convenience eateries; I would also look at the serving size and servings per container you are ingesting.
  2. Beverages can be a stealth way to put in extra calories. If you go out for coffee once a week, be aware that there are calories in the “flavored” pumps, whipping cream, caramel, and sprinkles. Alcohol, diet and regular soda, plus fruit juices can add a lot of calories. I would suggest you look at the amount of calories in the serving and how many servings are in one container. If you use coffee cream there are 40 calories in one tablespoon. Calories add up.
  3. Do not eat anything after your last meal of the day and avoid eating before you go to bed. I would suggest you get to bed by 10pm.
  4. Exercise at 30 minutes per day as a minimum. The exercise you choose should be aerobic and muscle strength training. The benefit from extra time you put in toning and moving muscles last for hours after your workout.
  5. Create a Swap Bag. Start with a vegetable-based protein – I eat a whole bag of veggies every day which includes one medium carrot, one-half of a red apple, one or two radishes, a slice of bell pepper, one stalk of celery and five to six small tomatoes. The items in the bag will satiate your desire for food, balance your blood sugar and reduce cravings.

Knowing your numbers is going to be very important for your long term health plus it has the potential to save you money every month. Discipline is freedom!

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