#AskDrBob: May 19

May 19, 2017

#AskDrBob-May 19th

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I use ACV but have been told it’s not good for bone density and menopausal women. Also not sure about teeth enamel.

I do not feel apple cider vinegar (ACV) is bad for bone density. It will help absorb minerals, and have not had anyone complain about losing their tooth enamel. We use Osteo-B-Plus for all osteoporosis concerns.

More info: Despite apple cider vinegar’s possible health benefits, it is highly acidic. It contains both malic acid and acetic acid. The average pH of apple cider vinegar is between 2.5 and 3.0. Undiluted apple cider vinegar is strong enough to weaken the enamel on your teeth potentially increasing risk of cavities. Apr 11, 2016. Is drinking apple cider vinegar bad for your teeth? – Link:

Would consuming ACV (Bragg) daily long term eventually ruin the enamel of my teeth?

I have not heard that yet

Should you continue to take it after that? (One month)

It is ok to take long-term, but not during April and October (during your body’s natural “detox”)

Hi Dr. Bob. may I know your take on hydrogen water.

I do not promote water that has been structurally altered (alkaline, hydrogen). Rather, I promote reverse osmosis.

Hey Doctor I would like to know your views on extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. I understand from other health doctors they are the best. I’d also like to know your take on berries. I understand the packed with antioxidants and good for the eyes. Thank you.

I use organic extra virgin olive oil. Research the best brands, since it can be controversial. I do not promote any type of berry. Rather, try and consume spinach and a ½ red apple per day. As for the coconut oil, I personally use/eat one tablespoon per day (Omega Nutrition brand).

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 4, I was super hyper back then XD, I was always in the mood for running and hiding haha, me and my Brother had a Bunk Bed and I would always climb the ladder and jump to the ground and I did that a lot, I used to hang upside down in the closet too and I’ve always been the fastest runner. When I was 8, we had a neighborhood race and it was held in a giant field with a lake in the middle. I came in 2nd but me and this kid name Randy smoked everybody else, there were 12 other kids and Randy was 14 back then. It really isn’t fair how I and the other ADHD people are treated when we are given an IQ test…. I’m smarter than my Mom and she is going to school for Nursing, I know I’m super smart…. I don’t need a fancy degree to show that I’m an intelligent; I can research stuff and understand it properly. I can handle any problem a computer gets. Would you have any suggestions to help?

Those individuals with focus and ADHD/ADD challenges have altered fat metabolism. My first thought would be to have an EFA Bloodspot Test to see the exact levels of fat in the body that impacts brain function.

Question for Dr Bob I have deep furrows in between my eyes (forehead). Is it from a deficiency? Iodine, Celtic Sea Salt, Water/sea salt, Please help, I’m 39

This may be the fact you’re losing connective tissue.

Hi, what is the machine/tech that you use to see inside the body?

It is a galvanic skin response (Brand-Zyto). This a a bio-communication tool we use at The Drugless Doctors.

Hi. I would like to know what can I do for my stomach problems due to chemo. The diarrhea is a big deal for me along with the stomach pain. Thanks for your help.

There is a recipe/meal plan in the book, “The Answer to Cancer,” by Dr. Sharma. We also use chlorella in our practice to help individuals during this time.

Dr. Bob, I have watched for a long time on Marilyn & Sarah and have used many of your suggestions over the years. In the last couple months my bowel movement has been loose. I feel fine but never was like that before. I do take Dr. Wallace’s minerals, selenium, and glucose. EFA, COQ10 and have for a couple years. I eat mostly organic food and some raw milk. But none of that is new so thought you might have an idea what’s causing the loose bowel movement. I feel great but concerned.

Gluten and dairy are two foods I consistently see that cause loose stools. We use BioDoph-7 in our practice to help.

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