#AskDrBob | January 20

January 20, 2017


These were the questions asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Please click the blue box to view Dr. Bob’s answers. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

What supplements do you recommend for an enlarged liver?

You first want to back off on fruit and alcohol which enlarge your liver, but milk thistle is what we use in our practice.

Dr. Bob, I have had my thyroid removed. I take Levothyroxine every morning. My eyebrows are so thin on the outer edges. What can I do to help this problem?

At our practice, we follow the numbers. More info in video.

DR Bob I have a question about my adrenal gland. I recently had a CT scan regarding a problem with my stomach. In the meantime The Doctors found that I have coarse calcification of the adrenal gland above the kidney. Is there anything that I can do to heal this or at least prevent further damage? Thanks

I would consider your blood calcium/phosphorus ratios tested. I discuss this in the Cataracts chapter (related) in my new “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery.” (Contact Us for calcium/phosphorus exam)

Hi Dr. Bob! I’ve had arthritis for about two decades and have had it under control with a gluten free diet, plus in my diet if it was inflammatory it was out and if it was anti-inflammatory, I added it to my diet. For some reason this isn’t working for me anymore. Could you recommend anything? Any suggestion would be considered and appreciated! Thank you for your health news on social media.

I have discovered, over time, that the leading cause of arthritis is a compromised liver. More info in my new “Guide to Prevent Surgery,” and “Guide to Detoxification.”

Hi Dr. Bob, I have a daughter that had mono at 18 months and her adenoids and tonsils have been enlarged ever since. She is now seven and she is snoring has multiple ear infections (she has never had antibiotics) per year and it’s been recommended to have her adenoids removed but I am pushing to save her tonsils. We’ve tried removing dairy and gluten but really haven’t seen much of a difference. We have done chiropractic adjustments as well. She has a lot of fluid in her ears as well and she will be having tubes put in. Is there anything you would recommend to avoid surgery?

Something is causing inflammation from something she is eating (sensitivity). I have a chapter on ear tubes/tonsils in my “Guide to Prevent Surgery,” you may consider. (More info in video)

Hello, I was looking for a natural remedy for my 19 year old son. He plays competitive hockey, not sure if this is an old hockey injury. He had a ultrasound done and was told he has a varicocele and Is at a mild stage. Trying to avoid surgery, what would you suggest?

I really cannot say since I do not know his history and what he is putting in his body. (More info in video)

Dr Bob, what do you think about stem cell therapy?

I am not real familiar with stem cell therapy.

Hi Dr. Bob, my mum has recently been diagnosed with low ejection fraction (EF) of the heart about 25%-35%. Any idea how to boost EF in a safe and drugless manner?

Hawthorn Berry is the herb of choice for most heart issues. Also consider an ACG, quality B vitamins, and go off gluten.

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