#AskDrBob: May 12

May 12, 2017

#AskDrBob-May 12

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Dear Dr. Bob, I have a question for your Ask Dr.Bob series: When people apply topical steroids, such as topical corticosteroids, on their skin, they enter into the bloodstream, right? So my question is, when they enter into the bloodstream is there a way you can get them out of the bloodstream, and how does this happen? Can you help your body in removing these toxins from your blood, or do they just stay there and build up? As I read somewhere that topical steroids are unlike oral steroids which go through the liver first, but topical steroids go directly into your bloodstream, without going through your liver first.

When you apply anything to your body (topically), it will be absorbed by the skin and travel via your lymphatic system. I would suggest supporting your liver by the clearing of toxins, we use Ca-D-Glucarate in our practice to do so.

Hello Dr. Bob, I have the following 2 questions: Q1. What are your recommendations for a 6-years-old boy who has asthma, no appetite, and has too much energy, what would you recommend for him?

I have found that this is often a need for oils (Optimal EFA’s). I would also limit sugar and dairy, and support the adrenal glands.

What causes Mucus coming out of the mouth of a man in his late 30’s/ early 40s in the morning and throughout the day, and this man also has lack of oxygen throughout the day, so shortness of breath?

This can be a variety of challenges. There may be a sulfur need (contact us), and/or we use a product called Cytozyme-Parotid to help with thick secretions.

Do you have a recommendation on purified water that can be purchased? A home unit for our well is to expensive. I have access to a health food store (mama jeans, Springfield MO) that sells purified/alkalized water that can be purchased and refilled in glass jugs. One is Mountain Spring Valley and another is Kangen. With the Kangen water you can choose an alkaline level. Do you recommend a certain level? We also have The Culligan Man that can be purchased and delivered. But I don’t know anything about their quality of water. I am battling high blood pressure. I am ready to take a stand. I’m detoxing and changing my eating lifestyle and I know water plays a huge part. Thank you so much and God Bless.

I would purchase a reverse osmosis water unit and would NOT consumer alkaline water.

So, then, if proton pump inhibitors suppress globulin production which, in turn, adversely affects the immune system (which is claimed on your Web site), what do you suggest to perform the role that is played by the proton pump inhibitor?

Our goal is to improve digestion with an enzyme (one with each meal to begin is a wise decision)

Hi Dr Bob, I enjoy reading your emails and learning from them. I just started seeing an upper cervical chiropractor. What is your view on this treatment versus standard chiropractors? What is your specialty? Thanks

I have my diplomate in chiropractic orthopedics and a fellow spinal engineering and we look at the entire spine as one contiguous unit and correct appropriately from the inside out.

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