#AskDrBob: July 14

July 14, 2017

#AskDrBob-July 14th

These were the questions asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Please click the blue box to view Dr. Bob’s answers. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

What would cause the bladder to enlarge or thicken after discontinuing the application of topical iodine? Would exposure to chlorinated water play a role?

I am not sure what would cause the thickening, but a lack of iodine might, and possibly excessive estrogen.

What would you recommend for bladder health? Do you have any tips for healing after an acute urine retention episode?

Often a bladder issue can be a need for B vitamins. We use Bio-B-Complex 3 daily.

I have been reading the daily devotional and in my time of such health crisis I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out and see if you have any more information on any autoimmune diseases, I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis. Any information will help.

Thank you for reading! I have noticed most autoimmune challenges are a digestive challenge. Undigested protein particles cause an alarm-like reaction in your body. I would avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, and peanut butter. I would also check for parasites. (Contact us)

Dr. Bob, I am from the UK and have been watching your videos; can you clarify your  thoughts on beet fiber?

I did go back to the reference I have on beet fiber – the recommendation adding beet fiber to the diet. The exact amount was about 300mg of beet fiber daily. This works out to be about 15 tablespoons. One-third cup of beet fiber is equivalent is 5 tablespoons, plus one teaspoon. I personally eat about ⅓ cup of beet fiber daily. I doubt most people would eat 15 tablespoons per day. Great question!

If you are allergic to sulfites can you eat cauliflower?

I have not had someone tell me the sulfur in cauliflower bothered them, and yes, we do promote sulfur-based foods. We use Mo-Zyme Forte for sulfite sensitivity. 3 daily.

Is it better to eat cauliflower raw, cooked or fermented to be most effective?

I would eat eat as many ways as possible.

Dr. Bob, I’m 54 years old. I have headaches at night (during sleep) and when I wake up it is a very strong headache. I eat a plant-based diet and exercise every day. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you.

Morning headaches are often a blood-sugar challenged. We use Bio-Glycozyme Forte (1-2) before bed is helpful.

What would you recommend someone take for rosacea?

We support the adrenal glands – Cytozyme AD 6 daily

When do you eat your 1/2 red apple each day? How close to a meal?

Like Nike, I just do it right before breakfast.

My iron level was reported high. Will the use of iron cookware increase your iron levels?

My first suggestion would be to give blood, and make sure to drink water.

I have a friend that finds it hard to sleep at night. He says that he gets up during the night, sometimes more than one time. What would recommend?

It depends when they get up, and it could also be parasites.

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