#AskDrBob: Blood Thinners

December 1, 2017

#AskDrBob – December 1, 2017

These were the questions asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Please click the blue box to view Dr. Bob’s answers. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

To Dr. Bob and his team, Would you be able to recommend any online resources for treating an irregular heartbeat? Thanks for your help!

We have a tool we use at The Drugless Doctors called an Acoustic CardioGraph. You may consider coming to visit us at either our Westlake, OH or Naples, FL practice. We also use blood chemistry assessments and diet evaluations to create a program for whole-body wellness.

Hello Dr. Bob. I have the sickle cell trait and scoliosis. I believe that my hair is thinning and I do cry easily. I also suffer with sinus. I am a vegan. What test do you recommend and products?

We would begin with an Opti-Chem Profile (contact) and a diet sheet assessment to create a plan. I would also recommend “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones.”

My wife and I are always watching your program with “Marilyn and Sarah,” and really enjoying what you have to teach. We learned a lot from you – We Stay in a small town in South Africa. I also practice with the alternatives as a SCIO SPECIALIST and have seen just over 8,000 patients. My wife Hettie has a unique low back problem for the last 14 years. We did many scans, nothing shows. Pain only starts when she lies down at night on the left or right thighs or low back with hamstring tightness as well as in the feet. She can work and walk 10 km per day with only dull ache. I pray that GOD reveal to you what might be the problem.

Without looking at films, it would be like throwing a dart into the night. We look at films taken standing up, plus other studies. I would suggest planning a month-long visit to us in Cleveland, Ohio.

What is the best way to relieve hot flashes?

I often see that an individual could have adrenal fatigue, low oil, and low iodine. I would suggest a thyroid serum panel and female hormone saliva test. This will provide a foundation and understanding for the direction you should go.

How is vulvovaginal atrophy reversed? Standard treatment is estrogen. Is there a natural alternative?

I would suggest a female saliva panel and then supplement accordingly. Your liver needs to be functioning optimally, and you need enough oil.

Are blood thinners necessary? I read about the bad side effects that can occur while taking them.Is it normal to have a blood clot on your blood stream? If not is there evidence to prove that a person can get blood clots do to inactivity or after having surgery? Like an amputation of a limb?

I would recommend a Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile – you want the least amount of omega-6, or inflammatory oils.

You mentioned the flu shot in your video and I have always been suspicious of those. Perhaps you could give your advice on getting a Tetanus vaccine. I am going to Guatemala on a mission trip.

I personally use a product called Agrisept-L with 10 drops each day. I would not get a Tetanus shot.

My close friend is in her early 50s and has been told by her Doctor that she has extremely high levels of iron. Have you heard of this before? What would cause this and what’s the best solution?

It could be a need for water and/or a genetic issue.

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