#AskDrBob: Chronic Fatigue

September 8, 2017

#AskDrBob – September 8th, 2017

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After watching your zinc taste test video, my past response with a zinc supplement is that it made me horribly nauseous; will this zinc taste test do the same?

More than likely, you need digestive enzymes (one per meal). Our zinc products include Aqueous Zinc and Zn-Zyme Forte.

My husband side of his family has history of Alzheimer’s. His mother and her father. What can my husband do to prevent. He is 46

We encourage an EFA Bloodspot Test to begin. This helps to evaluate the amount of oil that is in his body. (More info in video)

What do you recommend for whooping cough?

Begin with eating NO sugar, and spinal adjustments. We use a product from Biotics Research called Cytozyme-THY to support the immune system.

My son is 11yrs.old and has been dealing with temple headaches for several years and has them 2-3 times a week. His upper traps are tight but he won’t let me massage them to tender. I did take him to a chiropractor for 8 sessions but continued to have headaches even will be treated by chiropractor.

Before I can make the best, personalized recommendation, I would need to review his diet sheet and blood chemistry results.

Hi Dr Bob is there anything you recommend to sweeten green tea? And any particular brand of green tea?

I would only recommend organic stevia (with that being the only ingredient). I recommend the Choice brand for tea.

My 63 year old mother who is now living outside the US is suffering from chronic fatigue, she had a blood test done and these were outside normal range: Vitamin D at 48, Vitamin B at 140 (range listed at 148-738), Zinc at 10.4(range listed as 10.7-17.4) and TSH at 6.27 (range listed as 0.27-4.20)  Regarding the Thyroid TSH result, she wants to know how to respond to it and what it means.

Her TSH suggests a potential low thyroid with zinc and B vitamin co-factors being deficient. I would recommend Zn-Zyme Forte and Bio-B-Complex.

I am 50 year old male and over the last 4 – 5 years my body increasing cannot seem to regulate my body temperature correctly. This is now most pronounced in the winter months where I keep waking up at night shivering as my core body temperature drops no matter how much warm bedding I have. I appear to be in pretty good health. What is causing this problem and how can I fix it?

More than likely, you may have subpar thyroid function. I would begin with a Thyroid Panel.

PS – In reflection I also first noticed about 10 years ago that after playing physically demanding sports that my post game cool down would seem normal, but then about 30min to 1 hr later I would get incredibly hot and red faced along with eye migraines. I assume this is linked to the same body temperature control regulation issue. I no longer play these sports so can’t comment on if it still happens.

You may have created a demand on your adrenal glands – I would recommend our Adrenal Stress Index

What causes “panic/anxiety attacks” & what can one do to prevent them?

We have found that this is often due to a lack of minerals and vitamin B’s. I would begin with Multi-Mins, Li-Zyme, and Bio-B-Complex.

I am curious to what you think about the copper IUD as of birth control method. If you do not approve of this one, do you have some that you would recommend?

Because I am not an Ob-Gyn, it is difficult for me to make a comment. I do have patients who monitor their temperatures as a form of birth control.


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