#AskDrBob: June 2

June 2, 2017

#AskDrBob-June 2nd

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Is it just processed sugars–fruits, grains, starchy veggie ok? And some tips on how to keep up the healthy dietary change. And common side effects not to be concerned about during this change.

I have found for most people, non-starchy green vegetables work the best to get rid of pain. I do eat one-medium carrot and ⅓ cup of beets daily. I also vary how I cook the products (steam, sautee … either with olive or coconut oil).

Can person taking estrogen reducer/blockers eat flaxseeds? If so how much?

I know they say flax has estrogen. You may consider blackcurrant seed oil as a source of omega-3 fats.

What would Dr. Bob say about a person testing very high for Lupus twice within 15 yrs., but never experienced any symptoms? Lately, I’ve been suffering from acute inflammation in both eyes for the past six months using steroid drops one bottle after the next: so I was wondering if false positive tests would eventually turn into the disease? Your thoughts please.

This could be a view possibilities. You may have inflammation that is affecting your gut. Also, your adrenals may be stressed as well. (Food Sensitivity Link from Dr. Bob answer)

Constant twitching in the right eye lid?

You may have misalignment in your neck from stress and/or a need for calcium.

I heard you mention on the FB live about strawberries and neck pain. Can you be specific on that?

I have learned sweet fruits place a demand on the pancreas which refers pain to the left neck and mid-back area.

How about cherry juice for gout?

We support kidney function and also support with Folate-5-Plus, Renal Plus, or Nephra-Zyme (kidney support).

I live with left side body pain.

I would suggest you visit us in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dear Dr Bob, You said in a recent Facebook post that citrus causes pain, but I thought you said on your website that it is good to have a glass of warm water with lemon, first thing in the morning. Could you clarify this, please? Thank you very much.

A wedge of lemon is not the same as an orange/grapefruit. I have not noticed neck pain in those who eat the wedge of lemon.

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