#AskDrBob: Headaches

January 19, 2018

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How about headaches in the eye sockets?

This can be an upper cervical and/or cranial bone alignment.

If you are on thyroid medication (nature-thyroid), do you still take iodine?

I would follow the numbers you had prior to the meds – because of the bromine, chlorine, and fluorine in the environment. Iodine supplementation is a very good idea.

I have a non-cancerous nodule on my thyroid. Will iodine decrease it, or keep it from getting any larger? Which supplements would you suggest?

I would suggest a urine-iodine loading test to see how much iodine you have in your body. Also, TPO, which is a test to see if you have any autoimmune issues.

What is the difference be thermography and mammography for breast assessments?

Thermography is a measurement of function, while a mammogram evaluates structure. More info in video.

For more information on our breast thermography service, please go here.

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