#AskDrBob: April 21

April 21, 2017

#AskDrBob-April 21st

These were the questions asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Please click the blue box to view Dr. Bob’s answers. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

Dear Doctor Bob and Staff, I am writing this in the hope that you may be able to help me in some way. I am a 56 year old male, six feet tall and weighing about 165 pounds. I have been in generally good health until recently when I was diagnosed with hypertension. My blood pressure at a recent doctor’s visit was 140/90. I am currently taking 5mg of Amlodipine daily and switched doctor’s to see if I could get some assistance to get off of this medicine. The new physician has written a script for Lisinopril as well. I did not want to take the first medicine and upon researching the second I am convinced that both are very unhealthy. I have revamped my diet recently to include a salad of romaine everyday for lunch with sunflower seeds, peppers, cucumber and walnuts. I try to eat a healthy protein such as chicken or turkey with a sweet potato and some vegetable every night. I was eating oatmeal for breakfast every day but after looking at your website I have switched to eggs and cheese in the morning. I also exercise regularly by walking on our treadmill for a half an hour each day, doing two sets of burpees, and doing an ab workout every other day. I would very much like to get my blood pressure under control naturally and be able to live a healthy life. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I would focus on magnesium (contact us). I would also eat as much green food as your can, and avoid sugar. (More info in video)

Dr. Bob regarding kidney cysts,  your recommendations please.

First, always work on the liver. I would avoid vinegar.

Hi Dr. Bob, I’m a parathyroid patient. I have high range of PTH which fluctuates between the range of 90 and 100 with the consumption of bit D Injections. I have high calcium level which fluctuates between 10.6_10.9. Dr is suspecting about adenoma and they are saying to go for bio scan. I’m not interested in surgery therefore avoiding the scan. Please tell me the natural diet to control calcium.

We always check for parasites in this situation. (More info in video)

Dear Dr. Bob, I have recently stopped eating bread, and now eat 4 or 5 organic rice cakes a day instead. I heard about arsenic and mercury poisoning from eating rice. Would you please tell me if you think that would pose a risk? Thank you very much.

I would avoid that much rice, plus, that much rice can raise the blood sugar issues.

Dr. Bob, is there anything you can do for a prolapsed uterus?

From my experience, I would find a skilled chiropractor. (More info in video)

Can I use yogurt to cook?

Unsweetened coconut yogurt would be my only recommendation.

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