#AskDrBob: Ovarian Cysts

January 12, 2018

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What if one has been told they are allergic to fish products and tree nuts (hence, iodine)? I’ve had anaphylactic symptoms when eating fish/taking krill oil and do carry an epipen.

Logically, I would avoid the fish you have a sensitivity, and you may want to consider plant-based vegetation that has iodine.

Should I take a thyroid medication? I used to be a twig and then all of a sudden, I’m 170 lbs.

Prior to taking any productions, I would suggest a thyroid profile.

I have hypothyroid. I am allergic to MRI contrast, is that the same kind of iodine? Can I take supplements?

I am not familiar with the contrast material. However, I have noticed those with an iodine sensitivity may respond with a neonatal glandular product.

What causes high testosterone in a female?

Ovarian cysts are oftentimes the number one cause.

What side should I sleep on at night?

More info in video.

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