#AskDrBob: Radiation

July 28, 2017

#AskDrBob-July 28th

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I am pretty good about using chemicals and eating processed foods..but tell me, what is wrong with Orange Juice, (100%) and one beer a day? Thank you.—about “not” using chemicals…

What I have learned about orange juice, is that over time, it creates an alkaline pH that can create fibroymyalgia and lung issues.

Dr Bob. Do you have any suggestions for weight gain? I am currently underweight. Not sure if this is due to endometriosis but since kid I have a hard time gaining weight. Thanks Dr Bob.

It can be possible that your metabolism might be accelerated. I would consider checking your thyroid.

How do you treat high testosterone and PCOS?

It would be wise to back off sugar and we use iodine to promote optimal ovary function. You may consider the urine-iodine loading test which tells us exactly the amount of iodine your body needs.

Dr Bob, I had lumpectomy on my left breast in June to remove a DCIS tumor. It was found to be grade 3 aggressive with negative margins. I was advised to do radiation but since it was stage zero I had trouble deciding what to do. At my request my doctor ordered the oncotype DX test and it came back a score of 80. (High risk) After meeting with oncologist, I am confused if I should take the risk of recurrence or proceed with radiation therapy now. I was told I would not benefit from medical or hormone therapy. My question is…If I do the 20 treatments of radiation, is there any supplements that can provide protection to my body?

We use chlorella for radiation.

Thank you for all your good advice which I am currently following and have been for over a year.  However I still am having a problem with new vein breakage in my legs and feet. My veins also protrude and look awful in my legs and arms. Do you have any suggestions please? I am in my mid 70’s.

It is typically a liver concern (we use MCS-2). Liver cleansing is key.

How does chiropractic care play into diastasis recti?

Minerals and protein, including chiropractic care would help.

If you’re 48 and have large pores due to a zinc deficiency, can it be reversed? Or once they are stretched, the won’t shrink back?

You will need to back off wheat and soy (More info in video).

How can you help dry eyes?

It would be best to help the adrenal glands, iodine and ADB5 can help.

What can I do for kidney cancer?

I would suggest visiting us in Cleveland or Naples.

How do you help acid reflux?

We use a product called Hydro-Zyme and you would take one during the middle of each meal. (More info in video).

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