#AskDrBob: Sleep

December 8, 2017

Sleep | Hyperthyroidism | Tetanus Shots

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Hello Doc, been following you for a while now since I came across your spiritually viable resourceful plans on YouVersion – so thankful for the great work you are doing and the great testimony of your healthy marriage. I still do not have a sound sleep. Deep in my heart I know when I sleep soundly, my health will be optimal. Any helpful tips please?

Thank you for reading! I have found that sleep can be interrupted by sugar levels, parasites, and adrenal fatigue.

I recently met a lady who bruises extremely easy, she says only on her forearms and hands? Doctors have not helped, doctors say from steroid shots, according to her she had bruising before knee surgery and steroid shots started.

I would suggest a CBC with a differential to start. There are several possibilities – please contact us for more information.

I started baking beets with lemon & coconut oil & now can’t get enough & remind me of barbecue sauce flavor. Amazing. But question: when trying to go ketosis I have to quit right? Also, the CLA you mentioned, I use 2 tbsp. of Safflower Oil from grocery store & stomach is disappearing, amazing stuff, do you suggest capsule or gels instead of Cold Pressed (Expelled) Safflower oil from grocery store? Thanks for being on Facebook.

I think I would stick with what you are doing. I may suggest a Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile; you do not want to consume too many omega-6 oils.

How is post-menopausal vaginal atrophy reversed? I’ve heard that probiotics specifically for women can help.

We use a liquid vitamin-E forte, and a product to support female endocrine health. I would also consider my “Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones.”

I’ve been doing some research and came across colloidal silver. I see that the FDA has said that it is not safe or effective but when I look at reviews of users they speak highly of it.

We have patients who use colloidal silver with success.

I am 67 yrs young and I have been on Synthroid for 27 yrs. I want to come off of it safely – what do I need to eat – I am a vegan and have RA which I truly believe the Synthroid caused now that have have listen to tons of doctors on YouTube. Can you please help me?

The most logical approach would be for you to have some blood work done and support the numbers. I would also consider reading the thyroid chapters in my “Guide to Prevent Surgery” and “Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones.”

Are blood thinners necessary? I read about the bad side effects that can occur while taking them. There also a lawsuit against the manufacturers of xarelto which is popular blood thinners. Is it normal to have a blood clot on your blood stream? If not is there evidence to prove that a person can get blood clots do to inactivity or after having surgery? Like an amputation of a limb?

We utilize a Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile Test to determine the optimal levels of fats. Omega-6 fats can create inflammation when used in excess.

Would you be able to recommend any online resources for treating an irregular heartbeat?

We notice heartbeat challenges when there is a B vitamin need. Gluten consumption and neck and midback alignment also cause concerns.

You mentioned the flu shot in your video and I have always been suspicious of those. Perhaps you could give your advice on getting a Tetanus vaccine. I am going to Guatemala on a mission trip

I would take Agrisept-L, 10 drops a day. It is a citrus seed extract – it does not replace the tetanus, but is a logical option.

Any advice for hyperthyroidism? I have lost about 15 lbs, have rapid heartbeat, buzzing in the ears and high anxiety. I’ve been taking supplements but it seems to be getting worse. I need relief but don’t have insurance so I don’t want to go to a Dr. I also don’t want to go to a Dr. because I don’t want their treatment to turn this into hypothyroidism.

I have commonly noticed hyperthyroid being aggravated by gluten consumption.

Dr. Bob, you talked about products made with sunflower. What about it being organic sunflower in it? Does that make a difference?

It does not. I had someone consume a salad dressing with sunflower oil as an ingredient, and it almost made him lose custodial rights to see his kids because it was a factor in depression.

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