#AskDrBob: Tonsils

August 4, 2017

These were the questions, including tonsils, asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Please click the blue box to view Dr. Bob’s answers. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

Dr Bob, I will be 60 this December. I have my yearly checkup in October. I have an enlarged prostate which Drs. say is not bad at all with my age. I’m going to as always have blood work done but what I want to know is what should my estrogen level be? What’s the normal range? Thanks again for your advice and help!!

The biggest issue I have witnessed in my practice with enlarged prostates, is that men have too much estrogen in their bodies. It’s important to clean up your liver, especially if your estrogen levels are higher than your testosterone levels. To do this, we use MCS2 and Bio-B-Complex. More info in video.

Dr. Bob, I have a long history of eating disorders with guilt and a poor self-image. I am not sure what to do at this point. I mostly eat raw veggies and juice. I do not like to eat in front of people.  Any help would be appreciated.

I have found those who have these concerns would benefit by increasing minerals. We use a vegetable-sourced product called Li-Zyme and also Bio-B-Complex with success. I would vary your food preparation, and not consume only raw foods. Adding proteins and vitamin B12 will help also. Lastly, you may consider a hair analysis in order for us to help pinpoint your mineral needs.

While living in Maine, I learned from the folklore of Maine that lumberjacks used to eat one onion per day. I also heard that when the Spanish Flu was going around, farmers that ate onions never got sick. It would be interesting to see an onion related article in the age of neurology. Cheers!

Onions are an excellent source of sulfur which promotes optimal health and healing by supporting liver function. It is stored in the tonsils and used to help your immune system.

I am writing to inquire what I could change in my diet to increase my dopamine level (I also have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s). Nobody knows if it is under or lower expected level.

We use a test called the Organix Urine Test (contact) which helps us determine the exact levels of metabolites in your urine which assists in determining toxicity and deficiencies. There is a breakdown product called 5-HIA, that when elevated in the urine, may suggest a higher than normal turnover of neurotransmitters – stress and poor diet choices.

Any medication/supplement recommendation for acid reflux? Thank you.

I would first suggest food combining. Ex: Eating meat with potatoes is acid, but eating with an alkaline would be a better choice (ie meat and green beans). Avoid fruit after meals.

How can I avoid tonsil stones?

We use Cytozyme Parotid to help this. I would read the chapter in my “Guide to Prevent Surgery,” (Cataracts chapter) to view the information on calcium/phosphorous.

Hello I have an abscess in my gum and underneath the root of my tooth I want to clear it before I have to have surgery because I cannot go Nil By Mouth until 9 a.m. in the morning which they want me to do because I have to start eating and drinking because of my condition because I am so weak otherwise I would go into a seizure so I need a natural cure from my gum abscess so that I do not need to have any root canal.

For everyone who might have major dental concerns, I would recommend the book, “It’s All In Your Head,” by Hal Huggins. We also do use a product called Agrisept-L, which is for optimal body flora. Begin with five drops then move your way up to ten per day.

Is the ball bouncing just as effective as a trampoline/rebounder?

I am of the opinion that it is better, since it does not create hip or knee distress.

In regards to tonsils – I had my tonsils out at 5 years old. Is it true that in a few rarer cases they can grow back?

If the tonsils are completely removed, they should not “grow” back. However, if any of the tonsil tissue remains after the surgery, it is logically possible they could enlarge due to the demand placed on them.

What about receding gums?

We would use Osteo-B-II, plus Agrisept-L to support jaw and gum health.

Hello Dr Bob DeMaria. Whenever I eat something, especially after the eggs, my left side of my abdomen hurts, what can it be?

I am not sure? You may have a sensitivity to eggs.

How many drops of iodine should I give to a 10 year old child?

It is hard to say because I do not know the size of the child. I would suggest a thyroid profile, or our urine iodine loading test.

I live in Nigeria. I am a 38 year-old lady, not yet married and no kids yet. Please what kind of food, fruits or vegetables can one eat (or not eat) to cure or reduce fibroids, if one does not want surgery? Thanks

I would avoid food groups that place a demand on your liver, especially sugar and fruit.


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